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Opportunity for Lineman to compete outside of the fall season!

    This is a premier event for offensive and defensive lineman!   You finally have a chance to JUST compete at a high level without going to very expensive camps!  This event is a team event where lineman can work on pass rush moves/pass pro techniques to improve their game for up coming season and compete against high level varsity athletes!    These events are filmed and lots of fun for lineman.    Here is information on our next regional pass rush tournament.  

  • When:  Postponed to July 24th

  • Where:  TBD

  • Time:    TBD

  • Who can compete?    Lineman Class of 2022 - 2025

  • This is a team event!  You must have at least 5 lineman no more than 10 lineman per team to compete

  • Teams can formed by high school coaches (all lineman from the same school)

  • Teams can be formed by a specific training group or company

  • Teams can be formed by athletes (lineman coming together to compete)

  • This event is open to Teams from ME, MA, NH, RI, CT, NY, VT  


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